Let's play some snake 🐍!

BiteMe is an online multiplayer snake game played on a shared screen.

Enjoy some competitive fun with your friends by playing this all-time classic! Simply scan the QR code and control the snake on the screen using your phone.

game capture game capture

How to play

Want to know more?

Here is a short video explaining how it works as well as the stack and technologies used to make this possible.

This game was my solo project when I was attending a coding bootcamp 👩‍💻 as part of my career switch journey. I had to fit the whole thing in just 7 days, from design all the way to the final video presentation 😬. I didn't sleep much.


Have an idea how to improve BiteMe? Got some feedback? Or just want to say hi? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

E-mail: info@startbite.me

Source code: Github

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